EducationCity’s Content & Curriculum Team’s Charity Day at The Secret Garden!

On Thursday 21st May, EducationCity’s Content & Curriculum Team (a team of 14, made up of Producers, Educational Writers and Managers) used their company Charity Day and headed over to The Secret Garden at Belton-in-Rutland to do some volunteering.

Employees at EducationCity are given one Charity Day a year to use and are encouraged to work with a charity supporting children, young adults, the local community, educational aims or local charities.

The Secret Garden fitted this bill well as it is a voluntary-run garden which the local community enjoy! Stephanie Chambers, Producer at EducationCity, said: “The Secret Garden relies on volunteers, so the 14 of us spent the day working onsite, splitting into groups to take on the gardening and painting work that needed to be done. We spent a lovely day in the sunshine repainting the wooden children’s play area and clearing overgrown areas of the garden.”

In the afternoon, the group enjoyed a tasty barbecue and were given the interesting challenge of creating edible rafts with food ranging from popcorn to biscuits!

Everyone on the team had an enjoyable day, working together and giving something back to the community. We’d like to thank Alex and Simon from The Secret Garden, and Debra Hunt from Voluntary Action Rutland, for helping the team fulfil their Charity Day and making it a huge success – the team hope to return again soon!

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Don't forget to check out the photos from the day in the gallery below!