EducationCity’s Endurance Challenge Smash!

Physical and mental endurance were pushed to their limit on Sunday as our employees, friends and family members walked, cycled and ran the 25-mile circuit around Rutland Water near Oakham for our Endurance Challenge.

It was hot and sticky, but this deterred no-one from completing their 1 mile, 12.5 mile and 25 mile challenges!

Our aim was to complete the circuit the equivalent of twenty times to  cover 500 miles in total, and raise £500 for our corporate charity, Anna’s Hope – and we’re delighted to have achieved that and more! In total, our 29-strong team covered 510 miles and as a result of the tremendous generosity of our supporters have already earned over £1,170 in sponsorship from our site alone. Offline sponsorship is still to be counted!

Many thanks to the intrepid team that took on the challenge, to everyone who gave so generously, and to Carole and Rob of Anna’s Hope, who joined us afterwards at the picnic to give their thanks personally!