EducationCity’s HUB Schools

EducationCity is delighted to announce that Brierley Forest Primary and Nursery School in Nottinghamshire is the first school to be named as an EducationCity HUB school and that more schools will be becoming HUB schools in the near future.

What is a HUB School?

EducationCity’s HUB Schools will act as a port of call for other teachers in the surrounding area to be able to go and receive FREE CPD training with a member of EducationCity.

EducationCity is thrilled about the concept of HUB schools as they will provide numerous benefits for teachers. For instance, having EducationCity HUB schools will mean that teachers won’t have to travel long distances to get to training as they are in their surrounding area. Also, training sessions at HUB schools will be organised on a termly basis so teachers will always be up-to-date with EducationCity and its new features!

Dan Chambers, from Brierley Forest Primary and Nursery School, talks about his school being a HUB school: ‘as a HUB school, we are keen to develop our children’s learning experiences in an engaging and fun way, in partnership with EducationCity. Being a HUB school enables us to support local schools with training as well as share our positive experiences in enhancing children’s learning’.

Dan Cresswell, Regional Manager at EducationCity, believes that having HUB schools will mean that ‘schools will be able to use their subscription to the fullest as teaching staff will have a base to go to for regular training. It also means that schools can share best practice with other schools in their area on how they implement EducationCity in their classrooms, which will help all teachers make the most of EducationCity’.

If you would like to find out more information about EducationCity’s HUB schools, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01572 725080 or by emailing Dan Cresswell on