EducationCity’s International Team Visits Schools in the United Arab Emirates

Some of our International Team have been on their travels recently! A few members of the team visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to go and visit some schools and teachers out there to take them through EducationCity.

The team, as well as Jamie Southerington, International Manager, went and took the time to show all the schools not only all the fantastic features and content EducationCity has to offer for students, but the engaging features it has for teachers as well.

Clap Your Hands Activity!

Whilst out there, they got some of the teachers going on the Activity, Clap Your Hands, and joining in with the actions. You can take a look at the video by clicking here.

Jamie commented: “we travel to the UAE a number of times throughout the year visiting schools and it is my favourite part when I’m able to see the teachers stood singing along with EducationCity. It always makes our training sessions fun and enjoyable, well at least for me!”

Glad the teachers and you had a great time Jamie! See the video of the teachers doing Clap Your Hands HERE.