EducationCity’s Latest Upgrades

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Here’s our highlights:

  • Welcome Tab in the Teacher Area: to help you navigate within this tab and give you more support, we’ve upgraded the Welcome Tab so it includes handy information such as Free Resources downloads and a Making the Most of Your Subscription PDF, as well as lots more!EducationCity Welcome Tab
  • Tablet-Friendly Content Indicator in MyCity: the tablet-friendly content indicator, which has been implemented at various locations in the Manage MyCity feature, is designed to help you simply see how much content in a MyCity is tablet-friendly, and to help with your planning.
  • Revision Journals Upgrade: when students now take a certain Test and score less than 100%, Revision Journals will now prioritise tablet-friendly content. This makes it easy for those students who prefer to use EducationCity on a tablet device to revise and continue their learning journey.


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If you can’t see the new upgrades or are having trouble accessing EducationCity, you may need to update your web browser or clear your cache. Still struggling? Feel free to get in touch with us on +44 (0)1572 725080.