EducationCity’s Newest Features Are Based on YOUR Feedback…

You should have heard about all the great NEW features we’ve recently added to EducatonCity by now. (If you haven’t already, just click here to see what’s new.)

You may also know that here at EducationCity, we pride ourselves in not just listening to your feedback but actually bearing it in mind. That’s why we’re proud to say that all the latest additions have been based on feedback from teachers like you.

New Tracking Tab…

For instance, Gemma Humphries asked us whether there was a way to see which students had done the homework she set.

Her great feedback meant we produced the Tracking tab for MyCity, which is a fantastic help for teachers to track their students’ progress within a specific Homework or Classwork MyCity.

New Filter in SuccessTracker…

What’s more, Karen Whelan wrote in and asked whether there was a quicker way to see who’d completed each task in a MyCity and who hadn’t in SuccessTracker.

Not only did we create the Tracking tab to help with this, but we also made it easier to search for homework results in SuccessTracker, by adding the ability to filter results for specific MyCities.

You can see the new Tracking tab and filter in SucessTracker for yourself – log in to EducationCity!

Thanks for all your feedback! We’re always welcoming feedback about EducationCity, just click on the Support and Feedback icon in the top right of the homepage to send it in to us – we look forward to hearing your thoughts!