EducationCity’s User Specific Logins

EducationCity allows you to log in using user specific logins (Admin, Teacher and Student User). What you see on EducationCity depends on the user type you are. The types are outlined below.

Student User

Student users can view any Classwork and Homework MyCities they have, any MyRevision Journals they have as a result of completed Tests, MySuccess, plus, any content the school subscribes to and allows them to challenge themselves to (what a student can access depends on what Preferences are set).

Teacher User

Teachers can add, view and edit their own classes, sets and groups, and have access to Teacher Features, SuccessTracker and MyCity.

Admin User

Administrators have full access to the school subscription, including being able to set school-wide preferences, such as what login methods you would like students to use, printing and timer options.

At EducationCity, we highly recommend using these user specific logins, as the benefits of using them compared to a school account are numerous. Take a look at the tables below to see why.

Please note: for schools that are concerned about students remembering usernames and passwords, students may still use the ‘Pick from class’ option via the school login whilst in school.

If you have any questions regarding logging in to EducationCity, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us by calling 01572 725080 or emailing

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