EducationCity’s Visit to Rainbows Hospice

Since the start of 2015, EducationCity has supported Rainbows as its corporate charity. To mark this support, members of the team recently took the chance to visit the hospice, which is based in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

At Rainbows, Dan, Laura and Lindsay, from EducationCity, took a tour and saw all the fantastic facilities Rainbows has to offer for the children and young people that visit it. From a fully kitted-out sensory room to a heated swimming pool, Rainbows is full of facilities which make visitors' stays as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

As part of the support we offer, Rainbows has received a subscription to EducationCity. During the visit, some of Rainbows' team members were given a guided training session by Senior Regional Manager, Dan, to help them understand how to use EducationCity in the hospice.

In response to the training, Kate Golding, Corporate Partnership Manager, said: “the visit was extra special because of the guidance you gave us using your educational programme. The training was very useful and was delivered in a friendly, helpful and easy to understand manner.”

You can see photographs from the visit below.

With regards to the visit, Kate also said: “it was a pleasure to show the team from EducationCity the facilities here at Rainbows. We are very excited to be working with EducationCity and look forward to all of the various fundraising that they will be doing.”

We are delighted to be working with Rainbows and raising money for them too! Thank you for letting us visit. To see how we will be raising money for Rainbows, keep an eye on our blog as we've got lots of events coming up soon!