Encouraging a Passion for… Maths

It’s true that developing maths skills is essential for our everyday lives. At primary school level, it plays a part in our understanding of other subjects too.

To try and instil a passion for maths in all students, especially at the primary school level so the basic concepts are understood early, we’ve come up with 4 ways you can create a passion for it in your students.

1. Encourage Talking

Encourage communication in your classroom and make sure students know they’re in an environment where they know it’s okay to ask questions. That way, your students will be more comfortable with asking for help when necessary, so they understand what’s needed.

To help with making your students feel more comfortable with asking questions, you can use EducationCity’s ThinkIts in the Maths module, which are perfect for encouraging class discussion.

2. Use Interactivity and Gamification

You can also engage students with maths by using gamification and interactivity. EducationCity’s maths resources are a great way of introducing this in the classroom and offer bright, fun graphics to engage students. What’s more, it’s all curriculum-mapped too!

See what Mrs Mavi said about this: “One of our Year 3 students is making good progress in English. However, numbers don’t come naturally to her. EducationCity has encouraged Megan to become more motivated with Mathematics. The activities are fun and engaging and allow her to improve her scores. It has boosted her self-esteem with Numeracy.”Maths Resources

Mrs Mavi, Deputy Headteacher and SENCO/ICT Coordinator, St Giles C of E Primary School

3. Use Real Life Examples

By demonstrating how useful maths is in the real world, you can inspire your students to learn maths and make them see how it’s an important part of their everyday lives.

By bringing in money, measuring ingredients for a recipe, adding up prices at the food shop, a clock or even tweeting, you can demonstrate maths concepts in a creative, engaging way that appeals to different learning styles too.

4. Give Students a Challenge

So some people might not see maths as the most entertaining of subjects sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! By encouraging some healthy competition in the classroom with maths, you can engage your students and make maths really enjoyable.

Why not set them a weekly PlayLive Maths challenge where they have to try and top the leaderboard? It’s a great way to have a whole lot of fun with maths and is great for Golden Time!

Why not sign up for a free trial to EducationCity to try out all the great features mentioned to help with encouraging a passion for maths?