Encouraging Classroom Engagement Through Digital Rewards

We’ve explored some ways you can encourage classroom engagement and achievement through digital learning with EducationCity.


After certain activities are taken on EducationCity, students can download a certificate as a reward. Make sure they take advantage of this and save them to their desktop so that they can keep a record of their achievements.

Seen our Editable Certificates Free Resources Pack for extra certificates? Take a look and download it here.

PlayLivePlayLive Maths

An interactive game that allows students to compete against each other in a timed, competitive environment, PlayLive, is fantastic for testing students’ knowledge against the clock and for improving recall skills. Found in Maths, English, French and Spanish, it is great to use during Golden Time and to encourage students to work hard in the lesson for an end-of-lesson PlayLive treat!

Pick and Play

Each student has a Pick and Play option where they can play anything they want to on your school’s subscription. After a lesson, if there’s an extra five minutes left, you could let your students go on anything they’d like via this option. If they’re choosing something on EducationCity, you’ll know that it’s educational yet engaging, so they’ll have fun whilst learning.

Do you have any other ways you encourage classroom engagement through digital rewards? Let us know by tweeting @EducationCity.