End of Year Projects

With just a few weeks left in the year though, how can we keep students engaged in learning?

Well, we’ve come up with a few project ideas you and your students could do at the end of the year, which combine fun and learning, and should be a real hit with your class.

1. Let Everyone Teach Each Other

Do your students have any interests? Do they have a passion for something, such as a certain craft or sport for instance? Why not get your students to plan a lesson to be done at separate times so they can each show the whole class how to do something they love? All your students can all learn from each other and they’ll be doing something fun too.

2. Write a Children’s Book

Students can write a simplified story and also illustrate it in the way they want to. It’s a great way of practising reading and writing skills, and offers a fun bit of creativity too. You could even make a real little book for it by getting A5 pieces of paper, hole punching them and then tying ribbon through the holes for the binding.

3. Focus on…

This is a really fun project that gets everyone involved. Either give your students a topic or let them think of one such as dinosaurs or flowers, and task them to build a PowerPoint presentation on that subject. They should then present it to the whole group with the aim that you all learn something new, and your students are practising their presentation skills.

4. Do Something Outside

Does your school have a garden your students can tend to or is there room to start one from scratch? Or do you know of any cycling courses going on for schools? Why not get your students involved in something like this as an end of year project? You could also see if there are any volunteering opportunities too, which has the added bonus of being good for the community – the choice is yours!

5. Produce a Play

Another enjoyable end of year project is to do some drama altogether. Why not find a play and act it out as a class? Whether you want to act out a simplified version of a Shakespeare play or a story like Pinocchio, you can have some great fun. You can also show your fantastic work to the whole school by performing it in an assembly too!

Do you have any ideas for other end of year projects? Let us know – tweet us @EducationCity