English Challenge Week: Are You Ready?

English Challenge Week is all set to start next Sunday (24th) and by the end of the week, we’ll have identified an EducationCity PlayLive English Champion for each year group ready to be crowned!

Could one of your students beat all other contenders to seize the prize? Last year, 13,000 students took part in our PlayLive Maths Championship so competition is bound to be fierce!

In addition to the central PlayLive English Challenge, we’ll be taking one element of the English language per day to focus on. Sunday will see this get under way with a day dedicated to grammar, to be followed by punctuation, spelling and phonics, comprehension, story writing, factual writing and poetry.

Check out our English Challenge Week Toolkit for more information. Click here…

Don’t forget to follow the action on Twitter too. We’ll be using the hashtag #englishweek.