English Challenge Week Concludes!

Today brings EducationCity’s English Challenge Week to a close. We do hope that you’ve enjoyed the week, and its challenges, as much as we have!

To bring proceedings to a close with a flamboyant flourish and fanfare, we’ve chosen Poetry as our last subject, along with its oh-so-dramatic pauses and emotion-laden phrasing.

And which Topic Tool does that lead us to? It has to be the ever-popular Teleprompter Tool, because it immediately lends itself to performance. Whether it’s providing the words to hymns in assembly, acting as an auto-cue when classes create green-screen videos or simply adding an element of fun to any guided reading.

Don’t forget to make your students aware that the PlayLive English Challenge closes at midnight, so that they can have a few final chances to better their score! Winners will be announced next week, so watch this space.

Challenge: Ask your students to write a poem about EducationCity or one of our characters, perhaps using the Forms of Poetry Topic Tool. It could be an acrostic, a haiku or free verse poem.

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