English Challenge Week Is Here!

After weeks of anticipation, we’re delighted to announce that English Challenge Week starts in earnest today – with a day of Graceful Grammar.

Now, grammar is rarely called exciting, but if you check out the Sunday content of our English Challenge Week Toolkit for our pick of Learn Screens, Activities, ThinkIts and Topic Tools, you’ll quickly see what a whole lot of fun verbs, past participles, conjunctions and the like, can be.

We’d also like to highlight our Cloze Tool to you, which asks students to complete the missing words in a piece of text. It’s fantastic for helping them explore context and vocabulary and can be made as easy or difficult as your group of students requires. All you need to do is find a piece of text that appeals to your students (or use one that has been pre-loaded into the tool), choose which word types to remove from the text, then set the tool to either show the first letter of each word or a complete blank.

Challenge: Divide your class into teams, set the timer within the Cloze Tool’s settings and see which team can insert the most correct words within a 3-minute period.

Share your class’s best score with us on Twitter using hashtag #englishweek