English Challenge Week: Wondrous Writing

It’s Day 6 of EducationCity’s English Challenge Week, and today’s focus is on factual writing.

We’ve highlighted a whole range of Learn Screens, Topic Tools, ThinkIts and Activities, as well as the writing resources within our Teacher Resource Pack, in the section dedicated to Friday within our English Challenge Week Toolkit.

Don’t forget to make your students aware that the PlayLive English Challenge closes at midnight on Saturday, so that they can have a few final goes to better their score! Fit it in today as one of your students’ Golden Time activities, or you could even set the challenge as part of your class’s homework.

Challenge: Ask your class to consider English as a subject. Which words could they use to highlight what fun it is and to encourage an alien from another planet to study it?

Share your class’s strongest selling sentences with us on Twitter using hashtag #englishweek