English Worksheets on Reading Comprehension

On EducationCity, we have a number of English worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) for Key Stage 1 and 2 students that explore reading comprehension and are easily available for teachers to print and get hold of.

They’re a fantastic bit of extra practice for students, as well as being a great introduction to the topic, and they all sit alongside an Activity on EducationCity too, so there’s even more learning resources to use with them.

So here’s our selection of worksheets on reading comprehension. To find them on EducationCity, just log in and type in the ID number into the Search bar at the top – simple!


Key Stage 1        

Year 1

Great Outdoors: #12486 – Ask and answer questions about the key details in a story.

Muddy Sheep: #5204 – Read and answer the questions.Great Outdoors English Worksheet

Sandy Stories: #5734 – Identify the narrator at various points in the text.

Year 2

Canopy Clues: #13233 – Use clues to identify and understand unknown words.

Famous Faces: #20672 – Read and answer questions from a text.

Great Outdoors: #12501 – Read and answer questions about a fable from another culture and consider the moral of the tale.


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 & 4

Captain’s Log: #5738 – Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. Identify the main narrator topic or subject and retell key details of a text.

Twin Tales: #5905 – Compare and contrast two versions of the Cinderella story from different cultures.


Jolly Rogers English Worksheet

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 & 6

Survive a Shower: #5376 – Using context to find the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Jolly Rogers: #5388 – Identify the audience and purpose of texts.

Skateboard Whiz: #5079 – Locate/recall information from a text, ‘The History of Skateboarding’.

Timeless Tales: #13367 – Consider the features of the legend of Robin Hood and its underlying themes.

Timeless Tales: #21536 – To read a piece of modern fiction and demonstrate understanding by answering questions.

Swamp Fever: #5398 – Identify literary elements and devices in context.


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