English Worksheets on Spelling

On EducationCity, there is a huge number of English worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) for your teaching and your students’ learning needs on spelling, for all levels, starting at EYFS to Year 6.

Below, we’ve put together a list of just some of these worksheets for you. They’re great for a bit of extra practice in spelling and for an introductory or follow-up activity to lessons too.

What’s more, they’ll all aligned to an Activity (the younger years’ worksheets are pulled from our fantastic phonics content) so they come with even more learning to really help students with this topic.

All you need to do to find the worksheets is search for the ID number in the Search tool on EducationCity – it’s simple!




Paint Pots: #7553 – Identify the phonemes that differ between two rhyming CVC words.

F1 & F2

Short Stories: #5286 – Learn the /or/ sound spelled ‘or’.Daily Dunk English Worksheet

Sing a Song: #5298 – Learn the /ng/ sound spelled ‘ng’.

Clown in Town: #5309 – Learn the /ou/ sound spelled ‘ow’.


Bongo Beat: #4673 – Spell CVC words by clicking the letter sounds in the order that they occur.

D.I.S.C.O.: #4674 – Spell CVC words with ‘a’ as the vowel, focusing on the initial sound.


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Daily Dunk: #28805 – Spell the days of the week, remembering to use capital letters at the start of the words.

Gold Letter Day: #5065 – Complete words with the initial consonant cluster ‘br’.

Chocolate Fountain: #5128 – Complete words with the initial consonant cluster ‘cl’.The Great Stensby English Worksheet

Year 2

The Great Stensby: #5284 – Using the suffixes ‘ful’ and ‘less’ correctly.

Slam Dunk: #4562 – Words with ‘ie’.

Rugby Practice: #4543 – Spell common colours.


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 & 4

Moon Mission: #4644 – Vowel choices: doubling consonants when a suffix is added.

Words Win Prizes: #4601 – Words using the suffixes –al –ary and –ic.

Flight to Freedom: #5101 – Identify letter patterns.

Captain Cod: #4579 – To spell words using the letter string ‘ss’.Words in Space English Worksheet

Klara Has Landed: #5052 – Spell words using the suffixes: ible, able, ive, tion, sion.


Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 & 6

Words in Space: #4660 – Classical prefixes: ‘trans’, ‘prim’, ‘auto’, ‘tele’.

Words in Space: #4619 – Spell technical words used in Science.

Slam Dunk: #4645 – Spell a range of high frequency words.

Snow Hope: #4609 – Spell polysyllabic words that contain unstressed vowels.

Sten the Wizard: #4654 – Classical prefixes ‘bi’, ‘aqua’, ‘aero’, ‘audi’, ‘super’, ‘micro’, ‘port’.

Space Race: #5378 – Use prefixes as a support for spelling: trans, prim, auto, tele.


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