Enjoyable Team Building Activities for Your Class

See some of our team building activity ideas you can use with your class…

Sheep and Shepherd

Put your students into small teams and ask one student to be the shepherd and the others, the sheep. The objective of the activity is for the shepherd to guide the blindfolded students into a pen (could be one corner of the room) by giving them verbal commands. The team that pens the most amount of sheep in the quickest time wins the challenge – brilliant for developing communication and leadership skills!

Fact or Fiction?

Ask students to note down two facts and one thing made up about themselves. Then gather your class and ask each student to read out their facts and lie. Pick people in the class to guess which is fact and which is fiction. The person who correctly guesses first will go next and the game is completed when all students have had a turn.

Circle of Silence

This activity is excellent for developing students listening skills and encourages creative thinking. To start with, ask students to stand in a circle and pick one student to stand in the middle.

The rest of the students in the circle should slowly pass an object around the circle, without making any noise (this could be a tin filled with marbles or something similar).

If the object being passed around makes a noise, the student in the middle points to where the noise is coming from. If they get the answer right, the person who held the tin when it made a noise then stands in the middle instead.

The Line Up Challenge

Ask students to silently line up in the classroom in alphabetical, birth date or height order. This may prove challenging because students have to do it silently, but different students in your class might well know facts about some of their peers which will help – a great activity for the start of a new term to encourage teamwork!

If you have any team building ideas, then please do get in touch with us at @educationcity and let us know your thoughts.