Enter EducationCity’s ‘Create a Storyboard’ Competition!

To ensure that the new academic term is made even more fun, we've decided to create a special 'Create a Storyboard' competition for your students! Educational and enjoyable, this competition will engage students in building on their thinking, writing and creative skills by allowing them to form their very own story.

We've helped to start students off by filling in the first and last boxes of each storyboard. What we would like students to do is to fill in the remaining boxes of either the storyboard with Klara at the park, or the storyboard of Sten at the beach, to create an amazing, winner-worth story!

What's more, we've made it simple for you to enter by giving you so many options to choose from! You can enter by posting, faxing or emailing your competition entry form (which is below) and all entries must be submitted by 30h October 2014.

The final entries will be judged by our in-house team of artists and the winner will be announced via our blog and on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Winners will receive a fantastic, unique and delightful prize involving stationery and treats! Runners-up will also get a special mention on the blog alongside the winner!

What are you waiting for? Here are the competition entry forms:

Klara at the Park (PDF Download)

Sten at the Beach (PDF Download)

Terms and conditions apply; please see the competition sheet for details.