Environment themed activities

With World Environment Day and World Oceans Day in June, we thought we’d be really helpful and give you a list of EducationCity.com activities that have objectives with an environmental theme.  





QCA Objectives

1 Granny’s Garden That green plants need light to grow


Pick a Tomato That plants have stems, leaves and flowers
1 Abracadabra Categorise things into living and non-living
2 Woodland Wander There are different kinds of plants and animals in the environment
2 Animal Homes There are differences between local environments
3 Granny's Garden That water is taken in through the roots; that plants need light for healthy growth
4 Gone Astray To identify different types of habitat; That animals are found in different habitats; That animals are suited to the environment in which they are found; 
4 The Huntress To identify the food sources of different animals in different habitats; 
5 Flower Power That seeds can be dispersed in a variety of ways
5 Seed Feed To consider conditions that might affect germination and plan how to test them
6 Animal Rescue How animals and plants in a local habitat are suited to their environment 
6 The Huntress That food chains begin with a plant – the Producer