Exciting new content launch gets EducationCity.com’s week off to a flying start!

What a start to the week! Schools may be slowing down in anticipation for the long awaited summer breaks but EducationCity.com is powering full steam ahead with the launch of two new Quick Tests and a Topic Tool!

fun online educational quick test for mathsQuick Tests for Maths: Years 3 & 4

As you may already know, we recently launched our short tests in Maths for Years 5 & 6. Now, we are pleased to announce that we have Quick Tests now available for Years 3 & 4 in England.
These new ‘Quick Tests’ for Maths are a perfect a selection of short, snappy test questions designed especially to fit into your lesson time. Years 3 & 4 pupils are challenged to answer 15 questions and within a timed environment of 25 minutes (time limits can be changed in Teacher Area, Preferences). Built in are some great features such as showing corrections and printing certificates of achievement.
fun educational game sentence builderSentence Builder Tool for Literacy: Years 1 – 7

This new tool launch comes in the form of a sentence builder. This literacy tool makes perfect sense of sentences. It makes it easy to explore how sentences are put together, including the use of capital letters and full stops when punctuating simple sentences.

Along with all the features you would expect from one of our powerful tools you can change settings to suit your lessons objectives, highlight key areas of the sentence you want to draw attention to and print out corresponding worksheets for pupils to cut out and re-arrange themselves.