Exclusive! Sneak peek of Science Tests

Our ‘Tests’ producer, James, has just let me into a little secret… Year 6 Science Tests are scheduled to launch this month in England! Science Tests select screen-shot

So many of you have given feedback to say how much you love our existing Maths Tests, but wouldn’t it be great if we could have more of them in different subjects? So in true EducationCity.com style, we jumped into action and have been working hard to develop these new Science Tests and broaden the offering of our Tests in other subject areas.

The tests will consist of 5 ‘Unit Tests’ in Year 6 each with 10 questions in the following topics:

  • Dissolving
  • Adaptation
  • Forces
  • Micro-organisms
  • Changes

Alongside these units, it will also feature an ‘Overall Test’ of 20 questions from all of the above units.Science Test screen-shot

We like the fact that you can choose between Unit Tests or an Overall Test. The advantage of this is that pupils can be assessed solely on the unit they have just been taught; and the Overall Test can be used either as an end of year assessment tool or at any point in the year that the teacher wishes to assess their pupils. We kept the Tests short and manageable so they fit perfectly within a lessons tight timeframe. 

And don’t worry, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will also see Science Tests to follow soon after – and all mapped to your regional curriculums.

Watch out for more details later this month!