Hey there buddies,

Well, what can I say? The Gang are exhausted today! So many Valentine's cards, so little time to open them!

Sten's fans must all have had the same problem! Why else would they not have voted for our cute, mischievous little friend? Any ideas, let us know by replying to THIS blog. And, if you are a fan, please vote today. I'm dreading to see his little face drop when he sees the results! Ahhhh!

Also … did you see pang 0's fab joke from yesterday? We loved it! Thank you for posting it pang 0! Just in case you missed it, here it is again:

Why did the heart cross the road?

To see if it had enough Valentines!

See you tomorrow for this week's puzzle – and, remember, if you've not voted already, go to yesterday's popularity poll and vote, vote, vote (for Sten please)!