Explore Our Free SATs Maths and English Resource Packs…

To help you prepare your students for their upcoming Maths and English Tests, we’ve created a Free English Resource Pack and Maths Resource Pack, which are both completely free to download from here.

Tip! To find them super quickly, simply click either ‘English’ or ‘Mathematics’ on the right-hand side bar.

Grammar and Spelling English Resource Packs for SATs

Within the English resource packs, your students will learn how to place punctuation marks correctly with a text, spell new words using different prefixes, spell commonly misspelt words and position subordinate clauses within sentences.

You can easily download the pack here.

Maths SATs Preparation

This pack includes some fantastic templates and handouts linked to the SATs preparation theme. You’ll find a whole bunch of Lesson Plans, Activity Sheets and Resource Sheets which focus on ordering and comparing numbers, solving algebraic equations, converting measurements and calculating the volume of shapes.

If you’d like to explore the pack, then take a look right here.

We also have a fantastic Spelling Practice Resource Pack…

In the pack, you’ll find some handy key-stage appropriate spelling tests, which are written in a similar format to the SATs tests. The tests in this pack are brilliant to help with revision and help prepare your students for their tests.

Download the pack here.

Don’t forget that the packs are free to download, so why not go ahead and get yours today!

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