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Explore with EducationCity and see how you can use the engaging resource to help teach and engage your students with learning in a variety of different ways – all of our content comes in many forms to make your students’ learning experience effective. Read below to find out more about some of our different content forms.


Activities are interactive, timed tasks that are perfect for group work on a whiteboard or for individual learning where progress is tracked.

Learn Screens

Learn Screens are designed for students to use individually or in groups to gain a greater understanding of a topic or concept.


ThinkIts are cross-curricular teacher-led questions designed for children to consider independently or in groups. They are perfect to keep children constantly challenged and elicit their higher-order thinking skills.

Student Tools

Student Tools are designed for exploratory learning, they are open-ended and cover areas of the curriculum where freedom of expression are integral to the learning goal.


EducationCity’s PlayLive games (PlayLive Maths, English and French) allow students to pitch their mathematical, spelling and French knowledge against others of the same age within a timed, competitive environment.

Topic Tools

Our open-ended Topic Tools offer flexibility for teachers to control the lesson objective and pace and are perfect for introducing a new topic or concept.

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