Feature Focus: Introducing the New PlayLive Maths and English

By now, you should have heard the exciting news!

The all-new PlayLive English and Maths for schools are here, and with it, there comes some super cool snails and awesome funky frogs for you to play along with!

What’s PlayLive?

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PlayLive makes learning fun and can be found in English, Maths, French and Spanish. It’s a real-time challenge, where your students can compete against other players. 

PlayLive English and Maths can both be used on tablet devices too, which gives your class the perfect excuse to get really competitive with some fantastic PlayLive!

Can’t get on the new PlayLive? You might need to update your web browser (or clear your cache). Find out more…

Tell Me More About the NEW PlayLive English and Maths

  • Practice spelling and mental maths skills: they’re a fantastic opportunity for your students to hone these skills.
  • Develop quick recall skills: this real-time environment means you’ve got to be quick!
  • Engaging, enjoyable interface: the new style is sleek and modern, engaging your students.

Top Tips: PlayLive in the Classroom

  • Create a class leader board: to see who gets the highest score.
  • Put it up as a fun Activity during lessons: as an engaging starter or a fun round-off.
  • Place it at the end of a Sequenced MyCity as a ‘reward’: so your students are encouraged to complete the work set first.

Like the sound of the PlayLive challenges? Then make sure you get logged in and start playing!

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