Feature Focus: Manage Users

The new term has begun! With it, we thought we’d highlight our Manage Users feature and how you can use it to kick-start your new term on EducationCity.

You can upload all your users onto EducationCity (Admin, Teacher and Student users) and add Classes and Groups too – and with the new term here, it’s the best time to tell you all about it, especially with new students on roll!

Why You Should Upload Your Users…

  • Tracking progress: by uploading your students, you can track their progress on SuccessTracker and see scores achieved on Activities and Tests.
  • Individual logins: with individual logins, teachers can see their own class’ progress and even take advantage of Teacher Features. Your students can see their own progress, view what work they’ve got to do and even see any Revision Journals they may have – perfect!
  • MyCities: by uploading your users, teachers can create MyCities – a handy lesson-planning tool – and assign it to individual students, groups or classes.

Here’s How You Can Upload Your Users…

Any questions on Manage Users and how it can help you? Get in touch and give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080.