Feature Focus: Planning for the New Academic Year with MyCity

That’s why we wanted to share some of the ways MyCity is great, especially when planning for the new academic year.

Let’s explore MyCity…

Put Content Together

MyCity lets you add any number of resources you want in just one place and allocate them easily to your students. The variety of content also means you can answer the needs of your students’ different learning styles.

Tip! Try using the Curriculum Map to help find specific content quickly and simply add that piece of content to a MyCity.

Differentiating Learning

You can set different MyCities and allocate them to different students very easily, which is perfect for mixed-abilities and makes differentiated learning much easier for you.

Set Homework for Reinforced Learning

You’re able to easily set homework and add all the content you need which means learning can be continued away from the classroom.

Track Progress

Tracking each students’ progress has never been easier! You can use the MyCity Tracking tab and SuccessTracker to do this. What’s more, all Activities and Tests are marked for you automatically and all scores are saved. You’ll be able to see which of your students have started their homework and who has finished. Super cool!

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