Feature Focus: Preferences

We understand that all schools have different needs, which is why we’ve designed EducationCity to be as flexible as possible.  This blog will take a look at all of the different ways you can use Preferences to personalise your account to meet the needs of your school.

Read on to find out all about how EducationCity offers schools that personal touch.

Edit Subjects

New for Winter 2015, Edit Subjects (under the Platform Preferences tab) lets schools make their accounts their own. Here’s how:

  • Subject names: your school can now choose how to name subjects on EducationCity, offering lots of personalisation to schools and helping recognition of subject names. E.g. If Computing is known as ICT in your school, simply change this in your Preferences!

Click here to read more about the helpful and handy Edit Subjects.

Edit Levels

Make sure your year and academic labels apply to your school and go into Platform Preferences to personalise them!

  • Mix up the colours and images: with Edit Levels, you can change the colours to fit what your years use (which is great for guiding students through the product).
  • Use your class names: your classes may have different names, not just ‘Years’. That’s why Preferences lets you adapt your labels to follow how you refer to them in school – perfect!
  • Fab for hiding academic levels: useful for SEN, teachers can hide academic levels by renaming them, so students don’t know what level they’re at.

School/Home Access Options

  • Manage access: you can choose which features students can access in or out of school, giving you greater control of classwork and homework.

Just for Fun!

  • Avatar Select: make learning even more engaging by switching on the new Avatar Select option and letting your students choose a fun character for their EducationCity login.

Click here to see more about the fab Avatar Select.

For more info on how you can personalise your account, just give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080 or email info@educationcity.com. We look forward to hearing from you!