Feature Focus: Quick Lesson Planning with MyCity

We understand a typical school day brings a busy schedule for many teachers, so that’s why we wanted to let you know how you can use our fab MyCity feature to help plan your lessons.

What’s MyCity?

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MyCity allows you to plan lessons in advance and allocate, sequence and assign different content to specific students or groups within your class. A perfect way to achieve targeted learning! 

How can I use MyCity to quickly plan lessons?

Put Content Together in One Place

By using Add Content, you can add any number of resources to a MyCity with just a few clicks. From Learn Screens to ThinkIts, the variety of content also means you can answer the needs of your students’ different learning styles. Just take your pick of the content and see what meets the objectives you want to cover, then add it.

Select the Sequence Feature

For structured guided learning, once you have all the content in the MyCity, you can then organise these to suit your lesson using the Sequence feature. Just select Sequenced and then drag and drop your content into place – fantastic for controlling the flow of lessons.

Use MyCity for Quickly Differentiating Lessons

You can set different MyCities and allocate them to different students really easily, perfect for mixed-abilities.

Set Homework MyCities for Reinforced Learning

Looking to set your students homework too? By using MyCity, you’re able to easily set homework and add all the content you need – it’s all at your fingertips – and this also means learning can be continued away from the classroom.

What’s more, you’re able to track each students’ progress in the MyCity’s Tracking tab and SuccessTracker – all Activities and Tests are marked for you automatically and all scores are saved. You’ll be able to see which of your students have started their homework and who has finished. Marking’s made so much easier!

Want to find out more about MyCity? Check out our awesome Snippet on how you can manage MyCity here.

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