Festive Countdown: 21 Days to Go!

It’s getting closer and closer to the festive celebrations!

Behind today’s door is a very special English/Literacy Topic Tool which you can use to build into your lessons and tie them in with an extra special festive theme.

It’s called the Teleprompter Tool!

The Teleprompter Tool helps you engage students in shared reading, fluency building and individual performance activities. It has a very useful built-in text bank, as well as the option to upload your own text, making the tool relevant whatever your current projects are.

That’s what makes it great for this merry time of year! Here’re a few suggestions of how to use the Teleprompter Tool to give your lesson that festive factor:

Narrate your festive plays: get your class to narrate festive plays. They could even do this in pairs or groups – a great classroom activity.

Use it in assembly time: put a festive story or song lyrics up on it and sing as a class or even a school.

Make a film: have your very own festive stories or plays filmed and use the Teleprompter Tool as a cue!

Where can I get the Teleprompter Tool?


Teleprompter Tool – practise reading out loud

  • England: Years 1 – 7
  • Scotland: First ** –  Second *** (Level A, Level C, Level D, Level E)
  • Wales: Years 1 – 5, 7
  • N. Ireland: P3, P5 – P7

Enjoy the Teleprompter Tool everyone! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for more of the Festive Countdown!