Finding Things to Reward Your Students With? We May Have Just What You Need!

Have you got any students that deserve rewarding but don’t have anything to reward them with? Well we may have something which can help you out there!  

We’ve been busy getting our Back to School Pack for 2015 ready for you and within it, we’ve got some great materials which are perfect for praising students with.

EducationCity’s Fun Stickers!

Our colourful, vibrant range of stickers are great for helping teachers reward their students for different things. They can be printed on either normal paper or circluar labels (diameter 50mm) which makes them really flexible to use depending on the resources you have. Check out the range for yourself…

Awesome Stuff (PDF Download)

Brilliant Drawing (PDF Download)

Excellent Work (PDF Download)

Great Homework (PDF Download)

Impressive Reading (PDF Download)

Lovely Manners (PDF Download)

Outstanding Performance (PDF Download)

Super Sitting (PDF Download)

Très Bien (PDF Download)

You are a Star (PDF Download)

Aren’t they great? If you like the look of these then why not check out what else is in the Back to School Pack 2015 – we’ve got some fantastic certificates, name badges, worksheets and much, much more!