Focus On… Avatar Select

We’re about to focus on one of the fantastic updates we’ve just added to EducationCity which is a part of our Winter Release. The focus is on Avatar Select, and we love it!

What’s Avatar Select?

Avatar Select is a brilliant feature which lets Students change their avatar. As well as being great fun, Avatar Select gives Students that level of independence which encourages them to take ownership and engage with their EducationCity account!

Tell me about the benefits of Avatar Select

  • Added fun: Students can have a bit of fun with EducationCity by changing their avatar to something they prefer!
  • Increased personalisation: it adds a bit of personalisation to help students engage with their account.
  • More interactivity: the whole EducationCity experience for Students becomes more interactive and enjoyable.

How do I make sure Students don’t change their avatar during lesson time?

Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to stop Students selecting avatars during lesson time!

All Administrators have to do is go into Preferences > Student Access Preferences and turn off Students’ access to Avatar Select for either in-school time or out-of-school time and hey presto, students won’t be able to access this feature.

We hope your Students love the new Avatar Select as much as we do! Click here to find out more about our all-new Winter Release upgrades!