Focus On… Edit Subjects

You may know by now, we’ve recently had a set of fab new updates for our Winter Release. (Click here to see them if you haven’t already.) Part of this update, and our focus today, is the exciting Edit Subjects!

What’s Edit Subjects?

We know that schools worldwide have different names for different subjects. Mathematics, maths, numeracy, even French or Français, there are many different names. That’s why you can now edit your subject names to suit your school!

How Do I Edit Subjects?

It’s easy to edit your subject names! All Administrators need to do is go into Preferences and then Platform Preferences and change the names by clicking onto them and saving them. Simple – all the edits will then be reflected throughout EducationCity to all user types! Why not have a go?

Tell Me About the Benefits of Edit Subjects…

  • Personalise and tailor your account: personalise EducationCity to reflect your school’s chosen subject names to make your account all the more engaging and easy to use for your students.
  • More flexibility: Edit Subjects gives you more flexibility and control, so you can make sure your account works for your school.

To edit your subject names now, log in here. Haven’t seen all of our other fab Winter Release updates yet? Then make sure you click here.