Focus On… Hints

With our absolutely brilliant Winter Release comes a number of new updates to EducationCity! Today, we wanted to focus on Hints which will give you some extra support for using our fab features in your classroom. (Not yet seen the fantastic new updates? Get clicking here!)

What are Hints?

Hints appear as  buttons throughout EducationCity. They give you a little bit of handy extra help to find out what certain features do.

Where are Hints?

Hints appear across EducationCity in Manage Users, Level and Content Select, Manage MyCity, SuccessTracker and the Curriculum Map!

What are the benefits of Hints?

  • Support and info: an easy way to get vital info and support about all the fab features EducationCity has to offer to you.
  • More familiarity with our features: they’ll guide you through EducationCity features so you’ll be clued up on how to use them!
  • Make the most of your subscription: by clicking on the  buttons and getting more info, you’ll be able to get the best out of your EducationCity subscription, and use all the fab features to their full potential!

Take a peek at the fantastic Hints now – don’t forget to check out all the fab new updates too!