Focus On… How EducationCity’s Helping Schools in England Teach to the National Curriculum

With the full implementation of the National Curriculum 2014 comes the need to teach the less familiar, more demanding objectives, particularly in Year 6.

We understand this can be challenging for some teachers, which is why, alongside our in-house Education Team, the Curriculum Map has now been aligned to the objectives in the National Curriculum so that you can easily teach to the new requirements across all year groups!

Don’t know what the Curriculum Map is and how it’s a huge help for teachers? Click here to find out.

What do the changes mean for me?

  • Deliver targeted work: you can easily deliver work in class which answers to the all-important curriculum objectives you need to teach, throughout all year groups.

  • Possible level changes: these changes mean some content will be moving levels to meet the new objectives. Don’t worry, all you need to do is type specific content in Search to find it.

Exporting the Curriculum Map…

We’d just like to remind you that you can use the drop down to export the entire Curriculum Map; this gives you a handy .CSV file allowing you to see all the new objectives in one place, making it easier to plan individual lessons or a series of lessons!

Want to find out more about the updates to the Curriculum Map or to see which map you’re on? Then give us a call or an email on 01572 725080 or