Focus On… SuccessTracker

In this blog, we’re going to be focusing on SuccessTracker!

Great for reporting requirements, SuccessTracker lets teachers track students’, groups’ or whole class progress. Students’ attempts on EducationCity’s Activities and Tests are automatically marked and recorded, meaning you can identify strengths and weaknesses quickly and easily – perfect!

Where can I find SuccessTracker? It can be found in the Teacher Features area to the left of the homepage.

Three Things to Do in… SuccessTracker

1. Filter the Activity and Test score data you want to see: when you click on SuccessTracker from the homepage, you can choose from:

  • Class/group/individual
  • Subject
  • Date range
  • Accessed Via (Classwork, Homework, Pick and Play or MyRevision)

This gives you flexibility of what you want to see and offers you different ways to track progress.

2. Drill down to see specific answers: by clicking on one score in SuccessTracker, you can see the questions and answers from that attempt. This lets you view correct and incorrect answers, making it easier to plan MyCities and address students’ weaker areas!

3. Use the ‘Add to MyCity’ option: when viewing a student’s score, you can add that piece of content to a MyCity – perfect for reinforcing what’s been learnt in class if it’s a weaker score – just use the orange ‘+’ button to do this.

Want to see the SuccessTracker tool for yourself but don’t have access to EducationCity? Then sign up for a free trial, give us a call on +44 (0)1572 725080 or email