Focus On… The NEW Fantastic MyCity Upgrades to Help YOUR Teaching Experience!

In this blog, we’re going to be focussing on the new upgrades to MyCity we’ve just added! We all know that MyCities are great for loads of things:

  • Helping the teaching experience: MyCities let you group EducationCity content in one place; great for managing Classwork or Homework.
  • Lesson planning: lets you plan work for students to cover in advance, getting you organised.
  • For differentiated learning: teachers can easily create different MyCities for groups, students, or classes, enabling you to provide individualised teaching and learning.

So what has been added to MyCity?

Now you’re back from your holidays, we have some exciting news! As part of the Summer Release, we’ve had a huge focus on MyCity and made it even better for you!

Sequencing MyCities

We’ve now added a feature which lets you Sequence MyCity content, meaning YOU’VE got more control of the order in which students complete content.

What’s even better is that it’s so easy to do! Just click into a MyCity, drag and drop the content into the order you want and select the Sequenced mode, or, just select Sequenced from the Preferences Tab; yes, it’s that easy!

There are great benefits to being able to Sequence MyCities…

  • A lesson aid for teachers: students can’t progress onto the next content item before they complete those set first.
  • A learning aid for students: students must complete work in the order you’ve set so you know they’ll get a full understanding of a topic.

Want to find out more about MyCity, or this new feature? Then give us a call on 01572 725080 or email – we look forward to talking to you!