Focus On… The NEW Tests for England

As part of the new features we’ve just added, we’ve been busy responding to the National Curriculum 2014 by producing all new Maths and Science Tests. Designed to be both comprehensive and challenging, the Tests support teachers with their assessments of students’ learning.

What’s great about the new Tests?

  • All questions have been written by our in-house Education Team: real teachers providing the best content to help assess your students’ learning.
  • All questions test students on National Curriculum objectives: each question has been designed to assess students’ knowledge of specific objectives to check their understanding.
  • Helps prepare students for more formal assessments: our Tests are substantial and are generated from over 600 NEW questions!

How will the Tests help me in the classroom?

  • Independent learning: with our easy-to-follow, familiar EducationCity style, students are encouraged to work independently to complete the Tests without the need for supervision.
  • Following a Test, students can use Show Corrections; this provides reinforcement which is based on recommended strategies from the curriculum statutory guidelines.
  • Personalised learning: if less than 100% is achieved on a Test, a Revision Journal is generated. These helpful journals pull together Activities and Learn Screens based on questions that were answered incorrectly or were not attempted.
  • Whole class learning: Tests can be used in whole class situations, helping teachers identify any areas of misconception or gaps in knowledge.

Want to find out more about EducationCity’s great new Tests? Then simply call +44 (0)1572 725080 or email