Focus On… Upload Classes!

With all the fab new features we’ve included for the Winter Release, we wanted to remind you about how easy it is to upload students via Upload Classes.

Why should I Upload Classes?

Uploading your students via Upload Classes is simple and it means you’ll be getting the most out of your subscription. Here’re a few benefits to uploading your students:

  • Monitor progress: when you upload students they receive individual logins. This means for every Activity and Test they take, their scores will be recorded, saving you time marking and helping you track their progress.
  • Access specific features: without individual logins, they can’t access fab features like MySuccess and MyRevision which are really helpful for the learning experience.
  • Make the most of your subscription: by uploading students via Upload Classes, you can take advantage of all of the great features EducationCity has to offer, like viewing scores in SuccessTracker to save you valuable marking time!

How do I Upload Classes?

It’s simple to upload your classes and get individual logins! Just go into Manage Users and click Upload Classes. There, you can upload a CSV spreadsheet file of your students – refer to the sample spreadsheet to make sure you include the right columns, including Academic Level!

How do I allocate Home Access via Upload Classes?

In the Home Access column of your CSV spreadsheet file, simply put a Y or N to indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as to whether a student needs Home Access* allocated to them – simple!

Upload your classes now if you haven’t already to get all the great features! To log in and do just this, click here.

*To allocate Home Access, a great feature that lets students access EducationCity at home, you’ll need Home Access licences that are available at an additional cost.