Four Ideas to Encourage Students’ Sense of Curiosity

When we’re curious about something, our ability to learn increases, so that’s why we wanted to share a few ideas of how you can encourage inquisitiveness among your students…

Active Listening

When you actively listen to students, you’re also demonstrating how to communicate effectively. For example, how to ask questions that generate more information and maybe even more questions. This in turn creates inquisitiveness, as students consider the class discussion and any other questions they could ask.

Ask and Answer Questions

Encourage your students to ask questions and look for answers to them. This will give them more confidence and enhance their understanding of things around them. Make a point of encouraging students’ curiosity by asking them questions following a conversation on a certain topic you are teaching.

Games and Physical Activities

Games and other physical activities are perhaps the best way to introduce inquisitiveness to children. They are inquisitive about their toys and belongings, so any interesting play activities will intrigue your students and their curiosity.


As a little bit of motivation, you may want to offer a reward to students. Take a look at a few of the treats we have to offer!

Editable Certificates

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Colouring Sheets

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We hope you enjoyed our ideas! Get in touch with us on Twitter at @EducationCity and let us know how you encourage your students’ sense of curiosity.