Four Ways to Help Students Memorise Number Facts

There are a number of ways you can help students memorise those all-important number facts, so let’s explore some of our ideas a little further…

Get Parents Involved

Getting children to spend time learning and memorising number facts at home can be a tricky task and children may try to avoid it. Try to get parents to help by suggesting some fun activities they can do together at home.

Playing board games can be great to reinforce counting and even counting the steps they take when they go up the stairs can help with memorising numbers. Also, going to the shops and thinking about prices of items and how much change should be given can help greatly.

Role Play

Did you know statistics show that you remember more of what you teach others?

Let students take control in a lesson and get them to help each other. You could put them in groups and set the task of creating a rhyme or poster on a particular set of number facts. Then get the class together and ask each group to do a mini lesson to teach each other what they have learnt.


You could recreate a game of SPLAT but with number facts, to get students recalling their numbers. Place answers to times tables around the screen of your interactive whiteboard/board. Then ask two students to stand in front of the board and when you call out a times table question, the first to ‘SPLAT’ the answer is the winner.

Keep calling students up until you are left with one winner – it’s a super fun game! 

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice is the key to learning number facts and this can be done throughout the day. A great time to practise recalling numbers is when students are moving from their desks to the carpet or getting ready to line up at the door. Why not get your class to recite a particular times table chant or count up or back in various steps when moving to and from their desks?

If you consider that each time you do this, you are using up at least a minute or so of time, think how much practice time on number facts you could gain in a week!

Don’t forget about our fantastic, engaging Times Tables Songs which you can sing along to with your class.

From the 2x to the 12x table, you’ll find that singing along to our times tables series is a great way to help students recall and retain those all-important number facts.

We hope you liked our ideas! Let us know at @educationcity if you know any more – it would be great to hear from you!