FREE Holiday Resource Pack: Maths

We’re about to tell you how your students can keep on learning Maths over the summer.

Learning doesn’t have to stop over the holidays. By using this ready-made Summer Holiday Resource Pack, you can make sure your students are keeping up with their maths and also targeting important, essential skills.

Your students can even use EducationCity’s Maths Activities for some fun holiday learning too.*

Your Summer Holiday Resource Pack: Maths

So, tell me more about the pack…

  • Created with our in-house Education Team: there are 17 pages for KS2 students going into Year 6 to complete; two or three for each week of the break.
  • Answer to objectives: the pages don’t take long and they’re filled with enjoyable activities but target key curriculum topics to get your students prepared for the academic year 2016/2017.
  • Learn with EducationCity: there are recommended Activities which means your students can go on EducationCity and reinforce or learn new skills whilst using the pack.
  • Print or online version: you can choose from a print version or an online version** (graph paper and paper may be needed) depending on your needs.
  • Answers: the answers are at the back of the pack so parents can check them.

Access your Summer Holiday Resource Pack here:

You can either print or email your pack for your students to use so they can keep on learning during the summer holiday.

Can’t access the pack’s recommended EducationCity Activities? Then click here for a free trial.

*You will need Home Access to access EducationCity out of school hours. Home Access is available at an additional cost.

**For the online Summer Holiday Resource Packs, you may need to download the packs to edit them yourself and have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC installed.