FREE Reward Resources for Your Class

The new academic year is now in full swing, so what better time to share some free resources for you to reward your new class with?

Vibrant and colourful, we’ve developed a whole range of downloadable resources that are fantastic for rewarding good behaviour, effort and achievement in and out of the classroom.

Let’s take a look at them…

Super Cool Certificates

For great work or excellent behaviour, a certificate is a perfect way to reward your students.

What’s more, we’ve a fantastic selection for you to choose from for lots of different things. They’re really easy to print out and hand to your deserving students!

Amazing Attendance (PDF Download)

Fantastic Homework (PDF Download)

Great Work (PDF Download)

Lovely Listener! (PDF Download)

Super Speller! (PDF Download)

Well Done! (PDF Download)

Please note: These certificates are editable so you can personalise them yourself.

Colourful, Fun Stickers

Made to fit 45mm sticker paper, here is a fun variety of stickers which you can keep handy on your desk or in your drawer as a quick reward for your students.

Check them out here…

Stickers (PDF Download)

Top tip!

Ready-Made Worksheets

We have educational colouring sheets for you too – these can act as great, fun rewards or even for Golden Time. Can you work out where either Sten and Klara travelled to on their summer holiday? Find the numbers or the vowels with these colouring-by-numbers or colouring-by-letters worksheets to see!

Maths Colouring Worksheet (PDF Download)

English Colouring Worksheet (PDF Download)

To see more fab resources that are great to use in your classroom such as name labels and worksheets, take a look at our Back to School Pack.