FREE Spelling Tests for SATs

Alongside all of our fantastic English and maths resources we’ve recommended to help your students’ gain confidence for the SATs, we’ve now added FREE Spelling Tests too, so you don’t have to go finding any yourself.

They’re super simple to use in class with all your students, or even by parents and their children too, for some great spelling practice homework.

There’s a test for many year levels too, so you’ll most probably find one that suits the class you’re teaching. The year levels they are available in are:

  • End of Key Stage 1
  • End of Lower Key Stage 2
  • End of Upper Key Stage 2
  • End of Key Stage 2

What You Need to Do…

It’s super simple to do the tests – just follow these instructions…

  1. Give your students the first Test Practice page for the year level they’re doing.
  2. Read out the second Test Practice page to your students.
  3. Instruct your students to write down the word they hear to test their spelling.

Check out the FREE Spelling Tests!