FREE Summer Resource Pack: KS2 Maths

In addition to our Summer Resource Pack for English, we’ve also developed a Key Stage 2 Maths Summer Resource Pack especially for students going into Year 6!

Helping you to keep students entertained over the summer, as well as making sure they retain the knowledge and skills that they’ve developed in class, this Summer Resource Pack for Maths will be a massive help for all teachers and parents wanting to give their students enjoyable, educational activities throughout the break!

With this pack, students can get engaged with a number of quick and fun exercises – there’s six worksheets; one for each week of the holiday, which all directly address skills students will need in Year 6.

Produced by our in-house teachers, the worksheets include a chance to record your best PlayLive Maths score from each week as well as brush up on your maths skills with some recommended EducationCity Activities – yes, that means students can go on EducationCity and improve their skills at the same time!

Download the printable Summer Resource Pack for Maths now – click here!

Don’t forget about the Summer Resource Pack for English either; click here to get it.

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