Friday’s Guest Blog

Happy Friday everyone! As it is Friday, we thought we would have a special guest blog from our lovely trainers, Jessica and Ellen. Today, they have decided to focus on Topic Tools, a favourite topic of Jessica’s! 

What are Topic Tools?

  • Topic Tools are specifically designed for use on interactive whiteboards. They can also be powerful learning tools when used by students on their computers.
  • Topic Tools offer teachers the freedom to teach a topic at a level and pace perfectly suited to their students.
  • Topic Tools can be used for differentiated instruction in the classroom.
  • Topic Tools can be used to introduce new concepts to students before they work on the related activities.     

Where can I find them?

  • England: Maths & Literacy F2 up, Science & MFL Year 1 up, Learn English all of KS2.
  • Scotland: Maths, Science & English Early** up, MFL First* up, Learn English all of Second level.
  • Wales: English & Maths Reception up, Science & MFL Year 2 up, Learn English Year 3 up.
  • N. Ireland: Literacy & Numeracy P1 up, Science & MFL P3 up, Learn English P5 up.

Did you know that you can save content into Topic Tools?

Here are a few examples of how you could use this feature:

  • Creating a Mind Map (Science & Literacy/English) and saving progress to continue another day
  • Setting up spelling lists in the Word Search or Speed Read tools (Literacy/English).
  • Saving a text or poem into the Text Features Tool (Literacy/English) in advance of your lesson to save time setting things up to teach.
  • Setting up customised tests in the Mental Maths Tool (Maths).
  • Saving songs into the Teleprompter ready for assemblies.

To find out more why don’t you visit our Staffroom pages, beginning here.