Fun Autumn Craft Ideas

Are you thinking of creating some new autumn-themed classroom displays with your students? We have some suggestions for you!

Read on for a little inspiration…

Leaf Garland

Want to hang some autumn-inspired garlands in your classroom? All you need is string, coloured card, scissors, PVA glue, pins and a pen (unless you already have a template/leaves) for this craft idea – super simple!

Draw different leaf shapes on the coloured card. Cut them out if you need to from the card and start laying them out over the string and sticking them down. Finally find somewhere to hang them and pin them up – easy peasy!

Tip! Want to make the leaves extra colourful? Why not decorate them with patterns, sequins or glitter?

Hedgehog Picture

For the next craft idea, all you’ll need is brown card, a pen (unless you already have a template of a hedgehog), leaves (try and get brown and yellow ones), colouring pens, PVA glue, googly eyes and black card for the nose.

Simply cut out a hedgehog on the brown card, add the leaves as the prickles, and use the black card and googly eyes for the rest of the features such as eyes and mouth.

Students will have lots of fun with this crafty idea as it’s easy to make and encourages them to be extra creative.

Bubble Wrap Print Tree

This craft idea is super fun! All you’ll need is paper, a brown felt tip (unless you have a template of a tree), bubble wrap, a paper plate or paint tray, and orange, red and yellow paint.

First draw a tree outline with your felt tip pen (skip if you have a template). Place some of the paint on a paper plate and use the bubble wrap as a paintbrush to paint some leaves all over the tree.

Tip! Why not try using pine cones instead of the bubble wrap to get that leaf effect?

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Share some of your creations with us on Twitter @EducationCity – we’d love to see them!