Fun Word Games to Help Learn a New Language

Let’s explore!

Word Match Game

Creating a word match game is super easy! All you’ll need to do is draw a table with two rows on a sheet of paper or your whiteboard (if it’s going to be a whole class activity) and add words in English on the left and the matching word in French/Spanish on the right. You could encourage students to go up to the whiteboard to match the words, or cut them out so they can work in groups to solve them.

This game is super fun and brilliant to help with word recognition!

Picture Bingo

You’ll need to do a little preparation for this game, but it’s well worth it!

Make bingo sheets with a 4×4 grid and add different words to each square, so each sheet is unique.  Then ask students to mark the correct word when you call it out (if it’s on their grid). The first person to finish marking their entire page wins – great!

Below you’ll find some EducationCity French and Spanish Activities for your KS2 (or your region’s equivalent) students…


FrenchFrench Activity

Chouette Chaussures!: #1449 – Tongue twisters that focus on sounds that are particular to French.

Mon Agenda: #20176 – Complete Emma’s agenda recognising leisure activities and building sentences.

Concours de Poésie: #20641 – Complete a limerick poem in French.

Dans la Cuisine: #1509 – Get food ready for a party by understanding kitchen and food vocabulary.


Mi Pasaporte: #1745 – Create a Spanish passport by inputting your name and age.Spanish Activity

Los Pollitos: #1488 – Sing-along to this traditional Spanish nursery rhyme “Los Pollitos”.

Fuente: #1102 – Look at the fish and place an adjective or adverb that describes them.

¡Jugamos!: #1442 – Identify word classes in a sport context.

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