Get Safer Internet Day Ready with These FREE Online Safety Resources

With today’s world being very technology-driven, it’s really important we educate both children and ourselves about how to safely make the most of the opportunities the Internet has to offer. The Department for Education provides guidance on the significance of safeguarding children from harmful online content, emphasising the importance of this area.

This blog includes some resources you can use to help increase awareness of online safety within your school community. Although the materials are designed for the classroom, we would also recommend children sitting down at home and accessing them with their parents. They are a good starting point for discussions about how children use the Internet at home as well as school. What’s more, they are all FREE to access too and great for Safer Internet Day!

Ages 5-8

Personal Information Learn Screen (#42419)

Stig and Tablet

This Learn Screen explains what personal information is and covers the importance of keeping this private when online. It also introduces the idea that people children communicate with online may not be what they seem.

This Learn Screen also includes an Activity Sheet (#42511) – search on EducationCity to access it. 

Don’t Bug Me Learn Screen (#42438)


This Learn Screen introduces the concept of malware and explains how children can avoid it.

Ages 9-11

Malware and Piracy Learn Screen (#42464)

Malware and Piracy Learn Screen

Exploring digital piracy, this Learn Screen covers what piracy is, the link between digital piracy and malware and also why piracy is wrong.

Phishing Learn Screen (#42418)

Phishing Learn Screen

Phishing Activity (#42415)

Phishing Activity

This Learn Screen and Activity explore what phishing is, what it looks like and how to avoid it.  

This Activity also includes an Activity Sheet (#42416) – search on EducationCity to access it. 

E-safety is important to us. We want to support teachers to empower students to safely access the many enriching opportunities the Internet has to offer. You can see our full range of e-safety resources in our e-safety bundle – just log in and visit the Computing module to see it. Don’t forget about the Department for Education’s “Teaching online safety in school” guidance as well.

If you don’t have EducationCity just yet, to see the full e-safety bundle in our Computing module, just sign up for a free trial here.